Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing is Easy

A last edit. There's always a last edit... Too much tell on one line needed re-wording for my little piece of flash-fiction. But that's IT. No more. Nana. 

Good God, if it's this hard to write just 250 words, how much harder to write a book? Or put another way, how much un-needed filler must there be in any book? Or put yet another way, how brilliant are those authors who can let their thoughts flow out and fill page after page with concise and interesting prose? 

Probably all authors struggle to hone and polish their words to a larger or lessor extent. That's why they have editors. It seems I suffer from word blindness. What was ok when first written, always looks like shit the next day. And in the end, after all the effort and head scratching, at best, it ends up just so-so. But that's life. Nothing is easy. The process may be hard, but that in itself can be its own reward. And anyway, I've no hair left to pull out.

Now, what can I write about next ...

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