Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Railway Men

As this weather is so damned cold, I've resorted to re-visiting pictures that aren't 'right' somehow, and having another 'go' at them. This one was particularly difficult as it was shot into the light and had huge dark and light areas to contend with. Originally I concentrated on trying to preserve all the detail, but this time I've said, 'sod it' and just gone for the facial expression of the main man and let everything else blow out. I've also increased the background out of focus areas to better concentrate the eye on this man. 

As most people now have large screen monitors, is allowing high-resolution images and auto-scaling your browser so as to fit the image to your screen. Drag your browser window to full screen and the image re-sizes to a maximum of 2500 resolution pixels along the longest side. 

I'm busy uploading high-res images there. I'm really enjoying viewing all the stuff in high-res (if they've been uploaded as such). For instance, this image on blogger is only 800 pixels resolution, but check the image on 1x via this link.


  1. Looks great, Peter. I remember this shot, or a similar one. Looks good at 1x, too. Your link from RB to 1x doesn't work—could be me, but your link to 500px did work.

  2. yeah, must change that link.