Saturday, 16 March 2013

Who Needs a Gym...

When instead, you can chase a baby Batman around. Taken in one of those noisy indoor adventure playgrounds full of pregnant mothers, professional mothers on lap-tops, busy mothers with fifteen kids, mothers who lunch and chat with other mothers who lunch and chat. And me, babysitting, while mum shops. 

A camera in one of these places is frowned upon, because everyone with a camera is a potential abuser. Especially if he's a man. Even his mum shook her head at me for daring to bring a camera. I was always careful not to point it towards any other kid, and only used it when we were more or less on our own. What a sad society we have become.(No mothers were outraged during the making of this picture. I wasn't even challenged. Is common sense returning?).


  1. I don't believe anyone will challenge you unless you were there on your own with a camera.