Friday, 5 April 2013

Authors and Editors

Above a certain exclusive gentleman's club in London's SoHo lies the discreet offices of Unbound. No outward sign on building or door, you simply have to know the place exists and where, and that goes for the club as well. 

I was invited along to take the portrait of a new author who's book is about to be published in hard-back very soon. The club's bohemian interior was made available to me for the shoot. I was met by the editor of Unbound who is 'God' to her authors and I was really expecting a rather authoritarian matriarchal type of woman. Instead she turned out to be a charming and beautiful ten year old girl. (That's her, above right. Yes, I know she's not ten, but any woman under thirty, to me now seems terribly young).

Edward, the new first-time author of Conversations With Spirits, turned up in tweeds, brogues and cravat, so the club ambiance suited him very well. The light was very dim however and, as it was spring and hence snowing, so the already dark interior sank into near blackness, making life difficult for a photographer who prefers to shoot with available light and no tripod. 

I have no idea if they will use any of the shots, that's up to them. But the word is they liked them. But then again, they are very polite people...

 And the sweet face of 'God'...


  1. Thank you Dinesh, and I visited your blog, very impressive work. I think I'll post a blog about it!