Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wedding Shoot

My in-law's daughter asked me to photograph her wedding so that's  what I was doing this Friday. I can't accept money from them so it's really more a wedding gift. They were lucky in that the weather was perfect, blue skies and warm. Shooting over five hundred pictures on my own took it out of me. That's one of the values of having an assistant, getting all those other shots you can't while you're busy organising all the groups and also to remind you of any shots you've missed. I've featured the wedding on our web site HERE.

I was sorely in need of a drink by the end of the day. My son-in law bought me a pint at the hotel reception bar and so did my youngest (who was one of the bridesmaids) and I enjoyed chatting with them sitting outside in the sunshine before they all went in for the evening meal in a beautifully outfitted room. Lots of nice photographic details here made for some nice atmospheric shots. I hadn't been invited for the meal, which meant I didn't have to stay and photograph all the speeches and dances deep into the night. Phew. I'd started shooting at 10am that morning, so by 5pm my feet were barking yet my voice was all but gone. 

Of the two shots above, the bottom monochrome shot was taken as a grab-shot using available light on the 50mm at f1.4 as she was having her hair done at home. It could be a studio shot, couldn't it? I've added a touch of grain for smoother tonality which I guess can only be seen in high definition. So why not go HERE to view this in HD? Hint: If you have a large screen, drag the browser window to fill the screen. They haven't seen this particular shot, I'm keeping it as a surprise wedding gift for them.

The top shot worked the best of the day's shoot because by then they were feeling pretty relaxed and it clearly shows. Taken at the hotel away from friends and relatives and beneath some beautiful cherry blossom, don't they look a picture? View this shot  in HD HERE

All shots taken on the Nikon D90.

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