Friday, 31 May 2013

Shanghai Life

Well, I needed a holiday before I left, but I need a holiday even more now. 12 days and three internal flights around China with each day filled by tours to all the 'must see' places is interesting, but not exactly relaxing. My feet have almost stopped aching and I've only just started sifting through the images taken, most of which are just snapshots around the usual touristy places. The jet lag this time was bad.

However, the top shot I feel does capture the atmosphere of a local market. It came about due to at last escaping the tour guide who, in the end, reluctantly had to admit the government would rather tourists never visited such places. Shown all the fancy new shopping centres I could take, I just walked off into the back alleys in frustration and found a bit of real life for myself. He came running after me but seeing he couldn't persuade me to not go any further, came along and even brought the others in the small group we were traveling. So all six of us got to sample a bit of the normally hidden side of Shanghai everyday life. 

The second shot is of 'The Bund' the historic side of the river opposite all the new skyscrapers. This was another time I jumped the official tour and escaped into a night blustery and rainy. Perfect! No tripod with me, so had to rest the camera on a wobbly stone ledge and hold it still. These and other images can be seen in Hi-Def over at my page at

Leica M9 and 35mm Summicron.


  1. Stunning shots, Peter! You excel at B&W, and all of the shots from your trip fascinate me. Your photographer's eye for environmental detail is superb.