Monday, 3 June 2013

iPhone Cam

This old man was shuffling along a busy and very modern Beijing street and looking very out of time to me. I can imagine him as maybe an ex-red guard. So I sneaked up behind to take a back view of him walking along as I didn't really feel he would approve of me 'getting in his face' photographing him. Just as I pressed the iphone camera button, he turned around, but didn't really notice me shooting and just wandered off into the crowds. I think he has some stories to tell. 

It's an old iphone with only 5mp resolution but still, I do like this shot. For every day snapshots of no consequence apart from recording where you've been, its fine and very handy to use. Here are some more.

The cattle truck awaits the arrival of the scum class shepherded into the rear confines of the plane. At least I get to scowl at the first and business class gits as I shuffle towards my reserved wooden bench at the back.

 Nobody told me the Great Wall is paved with broken and uneven flagstones and is often bloody steep and hilly. At least there was no Big Mac fast food joint along the wall. 

I was surprised to see that Chinese wedding gifts on dinner tables include these coffin nails. 
Here I am trying unsuccessfully to not trip over the broken bricks that pass for a floor inside the Forbidden City.
That little 'man-bag' slung around my neck managed to hold the D90 with 50mm, the Leica with 35mm and a Nikkor 16mm lens. Traveling light as a photographer is the holy grail and this package did the trick.

Silk worms!

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