Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rolleicord Test

Well, the ten-year-out-of-date colour film came out as expected with heavy chemical fogging, but at least it allowed me to check if the camera focuses precisely and that the shutter works reasonably, which both do. 

I also found the quick-processing high-street photo-shop really don't have a clue. 

I watched slack-jawed as the guy took the film from the machine and proceeded to drape it over the grubby and dusty top of the processing machine then detached the tape from the leader. After that, he put on some dirty cotton gloves before plonking the film on another desk and rolling it up too tightly and wrapping it in a sheet of ordinary note paper torn from a desk-pad. 

He handed it to me asking, "Want a bag for it'?  

'Don't you have any negative sleeving?'

'Err, what? Umm, no.'

'Then I guess I'll take a bag.'

The sticky residue from the leader tape which wasn't cut off left  marks across two negatives just as soon as the film was rolled and dust inevitably proved itself a major problem when it came to scanning. Looks like I need to find a better processor when I put through some fresh monochrome film. 

It'll be a chromogenic film, Ilford XPS2, as I'm not ready to start processing real black and white just yet. And the camera proved you need to think. I double exposed twice by forgetting to wind on, and missed a couple of shots by forgetting to cock the shutter. You get so used to automation it's easy to forget these things need to be done.

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