Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Just in, and only sixty years late, I'm about to discover the joys of the Rolleicord camera. This is the budget, cheapo version of the Rolleiflex which is still being made and which will cost a cool £4K new today and yet there are still plenty of buyers to keep the company going.  

Despite being an antique like me, this camera still works fine. And look how tiny it is! Light, fully mechanical and with no batteries to weigh it down. The screen on this one isn't great, it's dim and suffers from severe fall off. Not forgetting it's a reversed image which confuses the hell out of the uninitiated,  but I'm pretty much used to that sort of thing. The dim screen is a tad bothersome though. Might have to change that. Found an old roll of Fuji film that's ten years out of date which I'm putting through to check the focus accuracy. The shutter is really a joy being almost silent. Even had to dig out the old hand held light meter, which still works. This one is the Sekonic digital but I also have a Weston Euro-master which astonishing works fine too. Back to the future indeed.

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