Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wadia Know...

I really should have put a coin in the picture to illustrate how small this little beauty is. (I'm talking about the Wadia151 PowerDAC Mini in the top picture sitting under the Squeezbox, not the speakers).

Bought second-hand off ebay on the advice of a well-informed family member for about half its new price, I wasn't expecting all that much to be honest. 

My old B&O amp was tired after 30 years of use but still performed reasonably, yet the new boy has surprised me. It's plenty powerful to run my fast-becoming-classic Polk Audio speakers at volumes that shake the house, which is good, but I'm more impressed with the new-found transparency and precise placement of the sound stage along with the very apparent crisp and clean sonic detail that's been revealed. (Arghh, danger, danger - geek speak).

These old speakers now sing. All in all a brilliantly performing box in a tiny, dinky little package. You don't even need to have a wi-fi computer connection or squeezbox, just get the iPod Transport that's been designed for the unit, and you're set. 


  1. OMG! You started to sound like my husband!

  2. It's ok, I've started the medication already to counteract the geek-acne. If that fails, there's always electro-shock therapy to fall back upon.