Monday, 5 August 2013

Dirty, Filthy Processors.

So I put through a roll of 120 XP2 film as a test at a camera shop and found to my dismay that the film was subsequently found to be covered in spots of chemical tar. Some small, some large. Too many to spend hours digitally removing. Plus the dust problem added to the chore. Simply rolling up the processed film and handing it back in a paper band really isn't great for keeping dust and marks at bay. I emailed the shop with the above image and pointed out my concerns along with the fact I wasn't that bothered as this was just a test. But that I thought they should know.

That was over a week ago and I've not received any acknowledgement. So much for caring for the customer. (and his films)  I could name and shame, but really, what's the point? They only have a mini-lab processor that's probably highly under-used and hence isn't getting the required through-put. It looks like I'll have to try and use a postal service to a specialist processor. Or process my own. 

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