Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fog, Blue Skies and Spiders

This morning I found myself in Hammer Horror film, exploring a creepy abandoned farm in the cold fog. Even without the fog, it's a nervous business as it's impossible to tell if their might be people there who don't want you around. Or to be found being around. Or dogs that are there to stop people like me nosing around. But the only thing that jumped out at me was a deer.

After I picked myself up off the dirt, there was nothing else there apart from a few million watching, hidden spiders. Their webs were huge, covering most of the foliage with blankets of webbing made visible by the dew in the air. I walked out wearing a spiders web hat. Nice.

In the afternoon, the fog cleared and the aircraft over Heathrow came out to play making pretty squares in the sky. There are so many planes crossing this part of the sky that sometimes the contrails form a complete overcast. A mini-micro climate all of our own. Both shot taken on the iTouch crappy camera.

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