Saturday, 14 September 2013

Remembering the Disappeared.

The stairs creaked, the way they did when someone put their weight on them. She was no longer alone in the house.
So many disappeared, it was only a matter of time. Inevitable. She listens as the nights calm is shattered, wood splintering and screams above the tramp of boots.
Later, awoken while in that momentary but eternal confusion where nothing is real, she's dragged from lost dreams and the warmth of love. Into reality. Soft pillow for concrete; sensual whisperings for brutal interrogation.
In the bruised flesh of her face, the imprint from a policeman’s boot. Its story, told in brail and denied.
Relax, the last of her intellect advises; roll with the blows. But the body writhes as bones break. No answer suffices; no scream believed.
Time moves on. Cold metal replaces concrete, vibration for solid ground.
On her cheek the last chapter is written, crushed between airframe and boot. Through bloodied eyes, the open door; cobalt sky, black ocean below.
The tension leaves; no further questions.
She's free.
Relax, the mind soothes and the body complies. Darkness, light, the final kiss of salt air. Time eternal to fly and dream. And one day be remembered.

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