Friday, 13 September 2013

Voyager 1

Last October I noted in here that Voyager 1 was about to leave the Solar System. NASA today confirmed it has. 

Thinking about it, this means human beings have taken their third critical development step away from home. First we left Africa. Then we stepped upon the Moon. Now we have left our home planetary sytem. I hate the word 'awesome' but in this context, it's the only word applicable. 

It's not impossible that on its 44 thousand year journey to the next Star we will be the ones to find it again, rather than some unlikely alien species. If we continue to develop technology and don't degenerate into barbarians, we could find a way of overtaking this crude 1970's spaceship. If not, then this is our lasting legacy, along with a couple more spacecraft that are also destined to leave the Solar System.  

But who will care? It'll be no more important than the tree that falls unseen in an unknown forest. But how fortunate, how astonishing, that I've been able to watch the first steps on the Moon live as they happened as well as watch Voyager leave the home system. I'll say it again and this time with a worthy exclamation mark: Awesome!

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