Friday, 4 October 2013

Britain's Boring Expensive Homes

I had the sorry miss-fortune to visit another new housing estate being built locally. This time by Bloor Homes which likes to extoll its quality of design and workmanship. Yet, once again, like every other builder in this country, they are cramming homes into ever smaller spaces and designing them with absolutely no flair or imagination while selling them at extraordinarily high prices. 

Unlike on the continent, I can't find any indication as to square meters provided. Just the number of bedrooms that are probably just big enough for a (small) bed. And people can't buy them quick enough. If people in this country are so stupid as to accept these boxes, builders will continue to provide this crap forever and a day. Depressing. 

Here is a typical example of a semi-detached two-bedroomed shed designed by a blind man with a machine and offered at £250,000 on a shared-ownership basis for people who are struggling financially. Want a four bed property? Expect to shell out £500,000-800,000. 

Perhaps I'm bad-tempered due to lack of food. In the last month I've managed to shed five kilo's or 11 lbs. Mostly by restricting food intake to one meal a day and visiting the gym three times a week. Eating just a salad is surprisingly enjoyable, probably because I'm starving. But to get into the 'healthy range' I've got to lose another five kilos to reach this target weight of 77 kilos. I visit a little cafe for lunch, or rather, just a cup of tea -no sugar- and parked alongside a delightful original Mini. Unlike the modern version, which is starting to look decidedly overweight, this car really is mini. Oh dear, I'm getting fixated on weight...  

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