Thursday, 24 October 2013

Concorde: Ten Year's After.

Ten years ago to this day, Concorde landed at Heathrow from New York on its last flight. At the time, and during it's last month of flying, I'd decided to trudge down to Heathrow and find a suitable spot on the road which runs past the end of the runway to try and catch a picture of this beautiful mechanical bird as it  landed.

And I was using a shiny new Nikon digital camera. However this only had a resolution of 5 megapixels. Cool at the time but less than todays smart phones. And worst of all, the camera had an appalling shutter lag. I mean, I had to wait about year and a half from the second I pressed the button until the bloody camera decided to actually take the picture.

So it took a month of being in the wrong place as Concorde flew over me, or in the right place as Concorde flew too far to the left or right, or a bloody double decker bus would drive into shot, or it would be raining. But mostly because I pressed the button too late and by the time the camera took the picture that Big Beautiful Bird had zipped over my head and landed. And all I was left with was a picture of an empty sky. Or half the tail. Or half-plane, half-tree. Frustrating. In the end though it came just right.

Recently another British engineering beauty passed its 50th birthday. The Jaguar E-Type. Watch this heart-rending visual tribute. (and don't miss the joke right at the end. Oh, and skip the opening ad...)

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