Monday, 21 October 2013

Tom Tom Troubles

You won't find a drum roll here. And definitely not on my Tom Tom sat nav device. That's because I foolishly decided to buy an upgraded new map. My £40 pounds was swiftly and immediately withdrawn without a hitch. But Oh! The Hitch came when I updated and the device promptly stopped working, stating stubbornly No Maps Found. The device was dead.

Cue hours and hours of reading and trying forum post suggestions from many other equally disgruntled customers in the same position. Some found solutions, others didn't. The solutions were varied and inconsistent. None worked for me. So in desperation I turned to Tom Tom telephone help, who eventually agreed a part of the software supplied me was incorrect for my device. I then followed their suggested route of re-formating the device, deleting all their previous software on my computer and re-downloading. All a lot of time-consuming work and to no effect. Just more wasted hours of frustration for me. I've given up and emailed them a demand they refund my purchase. That was some hours ago...

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