Friday, 25 October 2013

Women I'd Like To...

Meet. And photograph.

Amy Williams, British olympic skeleton gold winner. Throws herself down an ice track with her chin a millimetre off the ice while steering with her shoulders. Wins the race, gets up, tosses her hair and looks like a million dollars. Scary, beautiful and brave. Astonishing.

The above shot is a screen shot grabbed from the BBC Top Gear program shown below. The image is startling and wonderful, showing her hurtling down the ice track riding a tea tray.  Reminds me of the film 2001. Sadly, I can't find a better quality image on-line.

Here she is racing a high performance sports car for Top Gear.

And then there's...

Kate Bryan. (Head of Contemporary at The Fine Art Society, London’s oldest art dealership on New Bond Street.)

Watching her on The Culture Show, (as you do after the footy and beer) this lady enchanted. Sophisticated, beautiful and intelligent. And the show wasn't too bad, either. Showing at the V&A in London, a spectacular exhibition of ancient Chinese Art. 

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