Friday, 8 November 2013

Who Cares?

(Click on the image to view better)

We've all seen pictures that depict a harsher life or existence as we glance and shrug our shoulders and move on. Turn the page and order another cappuccino. We have our own lives and problems, maybe not as extreme, but just as problematic. We're swamped by images to the point of blindness. In which case, has the power of any single image to inspire, to change, both in existence and outlook, diminished? Probably. 

Once the world was shocked into action through images of starving children. Or of shell-shocked soldiers and natural disaster. Now we're more inured. But every now and then, someone will capture an image that transcends and overcomes our apathy and that will haunt us. And in a few cases it will inspire some to become something they would never have thought. And little by little, good will come of bad. There is always someone to care, and yes, I have to believe photography still has this power to inspire.  


  1. We lose the bearings of our soul when we practice intentional blindness. I agree, Peter; photography is a powerful form of communication. We have to hope--no, believe--that those images are seen, not just looked at. Maybe not by everybody. Maybe not even by many. But those that do see need to accept the responsibility of making others see. That's what you've done here, and for that, hat's off.

  2. Thanks Gullie, good to hear such a positive response. There's hope yet!