Monday, 24 March 2014

The Techno Camera Kid

Sitting slumped and knackered close by a children's party, I was minding my own business catching whatever breath remained to me after looking after a two year old that seemed to be powered by an inexhaustible supple of energy. (If the world could harness that energy, you could close all the nuclear powers stations overnight). 

Anyway, whilst slumped and knackered (which seems to be my default mode these days), I watched through heavy-lidded eyes this boisterous gathering of children next to me, excitedly enjoying their noisy day. My attention gradually focused upon an older child, around ten years of age, a member of the party and busily recording all the fun. And not on a camera, no. On an iPod. Not that significant, really, as cameras seem to be a thing of the past now, superseded by the phone-cam. No, what did amaze me, was the speed and ease with which this mere child recorded things whilst still being a part of the party.

He deftly, using the forward facing camera on the iPod, swung the device around the table in smooth measured motions, chatting and letting the subjects see themselves on the iPod's screen even as they were being videoed. Glancing at the screen only occasionally to check he was framing things right, he captured all the action. At one point he stopped, swiped and prodded the screen with quick expert touches, selected still-picture mode and fired off a dozen stills of birthday-boy and just as swiftly returned the device back to video and carried on filming. Tomorrow's photojournalist in action. Bravo!

Just. So. Easy. 

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