Friday, 18 April 2014


You can make great things from clay as long as you don't go completely potty. You've just got to appreciate what you have in your hands. 

I bought Goldfrapp's album 'Tales of Us' some time ago, listened to it and went ok, then forgot about it. Strange how you have to be in the mood for certain types of music.

Late in the night last week, I turned to the album and this time 'listened'. It's an album that requires more intense listening to be fully appreciated. This one's a grower. It keeps growing on you until you've absorbed the subtleties and then realise with a start that there's much more waiting. Certainly not to everyone's taste I imagine. You have to give it a chance you see. But, if you do, this whole album will reward and transport you on waves of soft, aural sensuality. I liked it so much I bought two more of their albums, 'Felt Mountain' and 'Seventh Tree'. Both utterly different in style but just as compelling musically. 

The song 'Clay' is based on a wartime love letter: HERE.

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