Thursday, 12 June 2014

Religion, Spiritualism, Humanism or Atheism?

Today I learned about the twenty odd schools in the UK that have as their core curriculum, an American version called ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) My heart sank.

Beaten over the head (physically and mentally) as a boy with Catholic indoctrination, finding myself having to listen to yet more fundamentalist claptrap being promoted towards 'children's healthy upbringing' in patronising and nauseating evangelical zeal in an American accent was more than painful. Difficult to describe. Try thinking of fingernails being dragged over a blackboard as a cat's tail is trodden on. Fundamentalism has always been around but it seems to be creeping ever deeper into ordinary schools. Thank God I'm an atheist.

Here's another wonderful phrase: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Apparently this refers to younger people are turning towards a vague belief that God exists and the point of life is to be happy.  Or how about SBNR which means 'Spiritual But Not Religious'.

The above is from a very interestingly piece by Tom Shakespeare which can be read by clicking HERE.

What do I think? In nearly all religions, aspects like compassion, altruism and a sense of belonging are promoted and encouraged. That's good. Yet these undoubted benefits are outweighed by the corruption of power that zealous leaders and followers gather and promote. The resulting death and destruction towards 'unbelievers' over the centuries is impossible to deny. Then again, Stalin killed millions without any help from religious faith. I guess if I'm challenged at the faith checkpoint I'm an atheist with humanistic tendencies. Alleluia! 

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