Sunday, 14 December 2014

Photography is not art...

The oxygen that we breath for life is also the very thing that eventually kills us.  A bit like this debate...

There are two PoV's arguments in this Guardian article. The headline one is a vitriolic and insanely anti-photography diatribe remarkable for its luddite excesses preaching basically only to the zealots and foolish. I can only hope the undecided and more sane-thinking people take the time to read the counter-point given by Sean O'Hagan. This whole thing is basically a non-argument. There is no real debate here as Jonathan Jones has no firm ground for his ridiculous and general extrapolations on photographic 'art' based as it is on a single image.

Visual Art for me is the ability to convey thought, imagination and emotion. The resulting response will inevitably depend on the state of consciousness of the viewer concerned and their ability to understand and appreciate what they are viewing through the natural filters of their prejudices. (of which we all suffer knowingly or not)

My own view is that photography is fundamentally a craft through which a rare few individuals successfully overcome its inherent mechanical limitations (and also the prejudices of  viewers) to create images of communicative and emotional value, entirely worthy of the term 'art'. Just like any other visual media in fact.

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