Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Following Yoko

Twice now I've nearly had to drive into a hedge to avoid oncoming cars taking up the whole road. Well, when I say road, I actually mean country lanes shielded by high hedges. And because I'm wary of idiots tearing around a blind bend into my path, I've being going slow enough to avoid a collision. So far...

So I've decided to invest in a car dash cam. Being tight-fisted, I wasn't about to shell out the three figure sums most shops are asking. A bit of internetty type hunting threw up an interesting little Chinese gem called a G1W-C Capacitor dash cam. Snappy name huh?

Well, the name varies as several manufacturers seem to make it. And probably several fake ones too. Buy from a reputable dealer is my advice. Anyway, the reviews were fine, the quality looked good and the price was half of what is normally available. Too cheap to be true? Well, I'd find out because I bought one for £39.00 from Amazon. Link HERE.

So how is it? It looks dinky and feels light and cheap, but works. That is, once you have also bought a Micro SD card to record everything. (£10 from local shop for a 16gig class 10). The menu is weird as it tells you what to do right enough, and when you've selected your preference, to press 'OK'. Easy! Except there is no 'ok' button anywhere. This stumped me for an annoyingly long time until I found out by trial and error that the 'Rec' button also functions as the 'ok' button. Little things like this can drive you mad.

So, all set for the first drive with Dash Cam ON. Except at this precise moment, my car refused to start. Dash it, I said. Or words to that effect. Be careful what you say as the thing records every sound in the car.

Eventually a rescue man in a van who can, turns up and turns out, can't. Fix it I mean. So I end up testing my little dash cam on the van (number plate Yoko) towing me to a garage. Viewing the video back home shows the results to be exceptionally clear. Cheap and good quality, who would have thought? Read a review of this dash cam HERE.

Or just watch this exciting video clip... Note: This is low resolution video, click on the HD part to view this in high defintion.

Following Yoko from Peter Davidson on Vimeo.

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