Yes, that's me on the left, doing my David Attenborough impression deep within the rain forrest of Borneo.

At primary school I was taught (?) at an RC faith school and mortified by near psychopathic Irish priests hell bent on rote learning of the catechism. They did a splendid job on my agnosticism. At secondary school I tried theatre and was given the important part of holding on to the anchor in HMS Pinafore productions. In sports I was invariably one of the goal posts. In academia I was a dullard and still am, my dyslexia being discovered only in middle age. I graduated (cough) with an 'O' level that was given more out of sympathy than ability and that was only in woodwork. However I found by accident that I could just about manage to press the button on a camera and so with other prospects rather limited, a career was born.

I started in photographic college at the ripe old age of 16, promising to achieve the required entry qualifications of 5 'O' levels in my spare time. However, discovering booze, girls and parties, naturally I failed the first year exams as well as the required 'O' levels and was rightly thrown out. I slunk back next term and asked to re-enrol never mentioning that elephant in the room, my dire lack of entry qualifications. To my astonishment they accepted. For the next three years I lived in daily expectation of being found out and thrown out. It was only when I returned to teach as a lecturer at that same college years later that I found  they knew all along but let me stay anyway. Apparently they thought I had promise. You couldn't get away with that today ...

Somehow I became a photographer and have since worked in the profession for many years, shooting in various parts of the world for many blue-chip companies and living for nearly a decade in Saudi Arabia. These days I'm an amateur shooting for myself and enjoying every second.